Finding the right product is important when deciding which carpet is right for your family. Different types of carpet service different needs for each family.
Before deciding on the type of carpet you may want to consider the room in which you plan on carpeting.
For example, the best carpet for a den may not be the best carpet for the basement or office area. The basement area may get more traffic throughout the day than the den or office. The den may be where you want to use a pattern product with a subtle color.

Most carpet fibers are made of synthetic materials or blends of synthetic and natural material. Synthetic material are designed to resist stains, fading and static electricity. Lets discuss some examples:
Nylon is the most popular fiber. Its strength and durability stands up very well to abrasions. It is also highly resilient and has very good texture retention.
Olefin/Polypropylene is the next best seller. Olefiln fibers are strong, colorfast, mildew and mold resistant and easy to clean. It is suitable for high traffic areas.
Polyester does not hold its fiber height under heavy traffic. Polyester has a luxurious feel, is resistant to water soluble stains and is easy to clean.
Polyester Recycled Carpet (PET) has bright colors and is available in many textures. It is more stain resistant than nylon carpet. Some of it is made from recycled bottle tops.

-Nylon carpet tends to be the mos popular choice for homes with pets because of the durability, stain resistance, and affordability.
-The best carpet for stains will be a carpet that resist abrasions and snagging.

How Do I Care For My Carpet?:
You’ve made an investment by choosing carpet. Your new flooring will last for years and with the proper care and maintenance you will be able to enhance its life and performance. Cleaning your carpet is easier than you think. All it takes is the correct vacuum, cleaning products and a little know-how that we will help you with!

The Do’s and Don’ts:
-Do vacuum heavy traffic areas weekly. Be sure to review the maintenance instructions on your vacuum cleaner to make sure its approved for your specific carpet
-Do use doormats at all entryways and ditch the shoes. Make it a habit to remove
-Do replace vacuum bags and filters regularly.
-Do have a professional clean high traffic areas every 12-18 months
-Do not use any cleaners that are not mentioned in the manufacturers label.

Stain Removal:
Most household spills can be easily removed. Treatment of the affected area should begin immediately. First removed as much of the solid material as possible. Always work from the outside of the stain to the center to keep from spreading. Blot spills with a paper towel or white towel. For best results try to remove the remaining stain with warm water.